About Us - Product Design Consultancy

Realise was founded on a dream… to make it easy for start-ups to use game changing design to profit from their ideas.

During 10 years of running a traditional product design consultancy, we saw how hard it could be to launch a product successfully. Creating a never-before-seen product is a huge journey into the unknown; a journey that in the past only a few very determined, intrepid people have managed profitably.

Experience has taught us that great product design makes all the difference. Product design is a process which delivers a product that people want, is proven to work, is cheap to manufacture and inspires others to want to help you launch it.

Sounds great doesn’t it? The problem is traditional product design companies are geared to the needs of big business, making them too expensive for small start-ups. Engaging with these companies can lead you into risking too much or giving away control of your idea. Not ideal. If you’re serious about creating a real product that works, then you need rigorous product designers able to take you right through to manufacture and realise your idea!

So we founded Realise in 2008, aimed to be the affordable way to provide what you and your start-up needs to launch your product. Ensuring the process is as simple as possible for you is our mission, We are continuously refining our techniques and honing our skills, all in order to provide our clients a: “lean mean get-you-to-market machine”!

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