Why jumping straight into making a prototype isn’t always the best way forward

Let’s face it developing and launching a new product is a risk hence the financial return if you get it right, if it wasn’t everyone would be doing it.

Over the years we’ve refined and honed our process to reduce this risk for our clients. One of the best pieces of advice we give to people is NOT to jump straight into prototyping your product idea right away. Creating all the tools and parts needed to create a fully working prototype even a proof of principle prototype can be relatively expensive without fully understanding its market potential.

Before the time of computer aided design (CAD), creating a prototype was the only way to showcase your product either to companies or investors to show what it looks like and how it could work. Now we can create a virtual representation of a product and its parts for the fraction of the price of a prototype; we can show how it works, how it may look, how all the parts fit together, how someone would use the product. Its a very powerful tool in our arsenal to allow you establish your market interest before financially committing to a prototype.

I want to use a project we worked on for an example; Eezee Feeder. Caroline Brown is a district nurse and discovered the trouble elderly people were having when feeding their pets and came up with a simple solution to allow the bowls to be lifted up without bending over. Caroline didn’t have the finances to get her product professional designed and prototyped at the same time. With this we designed, CAD modelled and visualised her product idea. This allowed Caroline to present the idea to receive further funding and show users and companies the product idea to make sure there was a need for her product before continuing along the process.

She got the funding and piece of mind needed to move onto the next stage. Most of the CAD to produce the prototype was already created in the concept design and visualisation stage so moving forward onto a fully working product was straightforward. The prototype made its on screen appearance on last seasons dragons den.

If you want to know more about the process of getting your product professionally designed and visualised before prototyping, head over to our product design page here