Manufacturing your Product

We can help line up manufacturing and deliver the quality you need

Realise has a vast network of trusted manufacturing partnerships in both the UK and Asia, where we can get preferential rates for our clients. In order to keep our manufacturing partners competitive we also obtain quotes from manufacturers who we are not partnered with.

Before proceeding to manufacture and getting quotes, the design needs to be developed from the prototyping stage. Manufacturing drawings and specifications need to be created. Our expert design engineers can produce this for you ready for the chosen manufacturer.

UK or Far East manufacturing?

No longer is it automatically cheaper to get products made in Asia. It all depends on production method, quantity, tooling and shipping container size. When quoting up production costs we obtain prices from both Asia and the UK; so it’s clear which option is best to proceed with. Sometimes the lack of manufacturers in the UK of certain parts forces us to look abroad. Our Asian manufacturing partners are western owned and have higher expectations when it comes to producing quality parts. There are other manufacturers who will offer you a very low price, but this will be reflected in the quality.

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