World-Wide Patent Search

A worldwide patent search is often the first step in the process you will need to embark on

Our thorough world-wide patent search will:

  • Determine how unique and patentable your idea is. Just because there isn’t anything on the market doesn’t mean that its not protected. The idea has to be unique globally in order for it to be patentable.
  •  Help to avoid a situation where, after spending thousands of pounds on developing and manufacturing the product, you are forced to stop selling it because you have infringed on someone else’s patent.
  • Dictate the direction of the design and development of your product idea. If there are results that match your idea, our designers and engineers can help avoid infringement.
  • Give a good indication of the liklihood your idea will be rewarded a patent.
  • Provide reassurances to investors that the proper risk limitation measures have been taken before they invest in the idea.

Questions to ask before asking a company to search on your behalf:

  • Who is going to be conducting my patent search and what qualifications do they have? All our searches are carried by the best professionals with a wealth of experience searching the patent databases.
  •  Will I get feedback on my results? There are companies who offer cheaper searches than ours, but make sure they also include expert analysis of the results and what this means for your project.
  • Is patenting my product the right form of protection? If it isn’t then you may not need a patent search.
World-Wide Patent Search
£560 +vatper search
  • World-Wide Patent Search
  • Carried out by a fully trained patent analyst with over 15 years experience
  • Full report of findings
  • Written conclusion
  • 2 week turnaround
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