This is the fun, creative part! The product design stage is the intensive process of transforming your idea from initial conception into a desirable product that people and companies will want to buy & own. This process consists of a series of structured steps aimed at achieving the following 2 goals:

  • Develop the concept into a protect-able state and ensure the product details are clearly defined. This is required for the patent application.
  • Create a photo-realistic presentation of the concept to present to potential investors, licensor’s and users. Our clients have found this useful to establish market interest before investing further into the prototyping stage while gaining valuable feedback to help improve the product further.

Why Develop your Product?

  • Strengthen your patent application
  • Further IP & Patent opportunities can be created.
  • Get the wow factor & excite people about your idea
  • Create a product that your customers really want to buy
  • Reduce complexity & manufacturing costs
  • Create a product that actually works and customers love using
  • Maximise credibility & persuasive power with a professional product visualisation.

Product Design Process

Over the years we’ve refined and honed our proven product design process to successfully develop products from start to finish. Our approach has been optimised to reduce risk and increase return on investment.




Research & Briefing

A face-to-face meeting to discuss the market, potential competitors, materials, possible existing technologies; and to clearly understand the product requirements. This will form the product design brief our expert design engineers will work from.




Concept Design

Working as a group, our product designers and engineers will design and develop your product idea to meet the requirements of the brief set out. This will result in a sketch-concept presentation showing how each concept will potentially look and work for your review and feedback.





CAD Development

As one of only a few agencies in the UK that are Certified Solidworks professionals, we will develop and detail the design in CAD; the result will be a product ready to visualise and develop further for prototyping. The CAD data will also create the drawings needed for the patent application





Product Visualisation

Once the CAD has been created and developed the product is visualised to show what it is and how it functions in order to test and sell the idea to investors and licensor’s. The CAD will also be used to create the necessary drawings required for the patent application .

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