Product Launch: Hanging Lantern Company new LED light

We recently took stock of a couple of the first productions of a very small project we worked on a couple of weeks ago for the Hanging Lantern Company.

This wasn’t a complicated project to say the least but it allowed Rob to undercut his competitors and provide his customers with a better service. Before producing these Rob was buying in similar LED lights which were expensive (£2 each) and unreliable. Rob approached Realise to design & create a product which cost a maximum of 50p and was far more liable than the ones he was buying in. Not only did we hit the 50p target but smashed it by coming in at 36p. That might not sound alot but in terms of the percentage of the production price and the quantity being manufactured it soon mounts up. We went from initial brief to final design and production within 2 weeks.

In the coming weeks we’ll also be working on some fun little adaptations of these so keep your eye out them.