Marketing your Product

As well as developing and protecting your product, we can carry out product marketing on your behalf to establish market interest before investing manufacture or sell the protection you have on the product.

Retailers and Companies

We offer an effective service to put your product idea in front of the right people. Our team of experts will manage the product marketing campaign, but we aim to work closely with you to make sure your story and product is effectively communicated. Our aim is to either sell your protection or establish interest in your product before you invest in tooling and manufacture.

Services we offer when marketing your product to retailers and Companies:

  • Generate a telemarketing strategy
  • Create a comprehensive list of companies to target
  • Distribution of Product presentation to key employees
  • Establish relationships with key buyers via telemarketing
  • Advise on new leads
  • Frequent reporting on progress

User Research

Establishing interest from retailers and companies is all well and good. But if people don’t want to buy it then you haven’t got a market. Most people do this part themselves, they ask friends and family. However this often leads to biased opinions.

We can help you achieve unbiased feedback from people in your target market. What they really think of your product, how it works, what it looks like, how much they are expecting to pay. This is useful information when approaching retailers and companies. If you show them there is a need and market for your product they’re more likely to buy into it.

  • User research services we offer:
  • User recruitment
  • Questionnaire creation
  • Carrying out focus group
  • Feedback analysis and report

If you feel feel you would benefit from any of these services, please do get in touch to discuss your project requirements

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