Route 1: Licensing your Idea

For many individuals the best way to profit from your idea is to license the protection of the product to a company and let them make and sell the product as their own, in retun for a percentage of the sales.

This requires finding and convincing a suitable company that they can profit from your idea, and negotiating a mutually beneficial licensing agreement between you

    • No big tooling and manufacture costs
    • Keep the day job….no long term commitment to running a company
    • Let a large company deal with manufacturing & marketing of your product
    • A small share of the profit. usually 2-4%
    • Can require patience and persistence to get a deal done.
    • Little control of the product or marketing.

Once you have your product developed and protected you’re nearly there. It’s now about getting yourself out there to sell your product to a company and secure that licensing deal. Realise can also approach companies to try and sell your product for you. Click here to find out how

Route 2: Manufacture & sell it yourself

For some people willing to take a greater risk to gain more from their idea, then starting a business to manufacture, market, sell and distribute their product can be a very rewarding option.

Typically as a start up you will chose to partner with a manufacturer in the UK or abroad and focus you activity on the marketing, sales and distribution

    • Your company keeps 100% of the profits
    • Full control over the product
    • Challenging and satisfying journey
    • Potentially large investment required
    • Full responsibility for running a company
    • Long term commitment in building a company to sell

    Realise has a vast network of trusted manufacturing partnerships in both the UK and Asia and can assist with the manufacturing of your product. Click here to find out how

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